Leather Hang Tags

Leather Hang Tags

Leather hang tags are used where the touch of the longevity, luxury and flexibility is to give. These are a hot popular tag for the masculine apparel and garments industry and are used for the brand loyalty or the advertisement. The leather logos can be embossed or stamped with the brand name or the logo. Normally, the leather hang tags are not printed but are embossed / stamped in order to give the touch of permanence and to avoid the usage of colors.

Hangtagssupplier.co.uk offers four different types and designs of the tags which are; circle, oval, diamond and custom leather hang tags. These tags may be printed in any size, any shape and any combination of colors as per your business requirements, your marketing plan or the marketing mix for the product.

The leather used for the tags may be organic leather (real animal leather of any animal) or artificial leather (Italian or Chinese leather), as desired by the marketers. The leather tags can be Die-Cut in order to resemble the brand or logo of the company or the product.

The leather tags are not printed with colors as colored printing is not so permanent and may diminish with the passage of time. The best printing techniques are embossing and stamping though some of the leather tags may be printed with CMYK basic colors or the colors resembling the natural leather color.

The cheap and the good quality tags are shipped to you, free of cost, within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size of the consignment.